Projects 2017

Dynamic simulations for the analysis of the impact of gas generation unit PB6 in thermal power plant Brestanica on Slovenian power system operation

Client: ELEK, d.o.o.

During the installation of a new gas generating unit in Termoelektrarna Brestanica (unit abbreviation PB6) the Slovenian transmission system operator (TSO) ELES requested certain dynamic analysis that would confirm the suitability of this unit operation during contingencies. The performed dynamic analyses encompassed small signal stability (system oscillations).

2014-4 2014-3

Development of the WAMPAC software platform and real-time visualization of voltage phase angles of the continental Europe

Client: ELES, d.o.o.
Note: in cooperation with EIMV

The study addressed the design, planning, implementation and testing of data-server platform Wide-Area, Monitoring, Protection and Control – WAMPAC, Matlab-based developing environment as a supporting tool for smart-algorithms development and visualization tool ODIN-VIS. Laboratory’s major contribution to the project was setting-up and testing the developing environment built around Matlab-supported Graphical User Interface and at the same time providing the most appropriate manipulation techniques of phase-angle input data for three-dimensional visualization of continental Europe’s phase angles.

2014-4                                 2014-3