Projects 2009

Overcurrent and earth-fault current analysis in distribution networks

Client: Slovenian distribution system operators (Elektro Celje, Elektro Gorenjska, Elektro Ljubljana, Elektro Maribor, Elektro Primorska)

Basic part in the set of measures for safe operation of electric-power system (EPS) and for reliable supply of consumers with electric power is protection of EPS. In distribution networks the most extensive protection is overcurrent protection. The goal of this project is the analysis of principles of coordinated overcurrent protection in distribution networks with the emphasis on current dependent characteristics. Strategy for setting of parameters of protection devices and the role of computer-aided coordination of overcurrent protection that apply current dependent characteristics in comprehensive networks are described.

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2009-2Slovenian power system surroundings reduction for short-circuit calculations

Client: ELES, d.o.o.

The goal of the project was to find out the perimeter surrounding Slovenian power system that has to be included in the model in order to perform a representative short-circuit calculations. For this purpose, a detailed short circuit analysis of the Slovenian power system was first performed. A short circuit equivalent was of the rest of the network was provided next, yielding the same results. By doing so, a substantially simplified 2009-3(yet not less accurate) short-circuit calculation can be performed. Presented findings are very useful for both people from the academic environment as well as transmission system operator.