Projects 2008

2008-1Doubly-fed machine modelling for motor-generator operational regimes of pumped–storage hydro power plants and their impact on transients in the Slovenian power system

Client: ELES, d.o.o.


A decision has been made that a first pumped–storage hydro power plant in Slovenia (PSHPP Avče) will have a doubly-fed machine installed instead of widely used synchronous machine. The device can be treated as special mainly due to its size, as it is among the largest units of this kind in the world (185/180 MW in generator/motor regime). However, another unique feature comes from the fact that it is connected to the weak 110 kV grid in the north-western part of the Slovenian power system. Consequently, a detailed modelling of the machine became a necessity in order to be able to perform dynamic analysis of machine response as well as its impact on the rest of the system. As another pumped–storage hydro power plant is foreseen in the national energy plan (PSHPP Kozjak), several analyses of future system states were performed considering the second unit as well.