PSS®SINCAL represents a family of modular software packages for planning and analysis of electric power systems with a single database. SINCAL has many features intended for making network planning easier and at the same time present a strong support in the area of design, modelling and analysis of electrical power systems. It is based on flexible and easy-to-handle graphical user interface, which enables the user a high-degree of freedom within the graphical representation.

Most important analysis that can be carried by PSS®SINCAL are:

  • Power-flow calculations (symmetrical as well as unsymmetrical, AC and DC networks)
  • sincal2Optimal power-flow calculations
  • Multiple short-circuit and earth-fault currents calculations
  • N-1 analysis
  • Distance and over-current protection
  • Small-signal stability analysis
  • Dynamic power system simulation (momentary and stability) – integrated PSS®NETOMAC