Omicron CMS 156 amplifier unit can be used in combination with any Omicron CMC test set or in conjunction with digital real-time power system network simulators such as RTDS. It is in general a 3-phase voltage and current amplifier (3 x 250 V, 1 x 500 V; 3 x 25 A, 1 x 75 A). However, it enables also amplification of six independent voltage phases (e.g. for testing synchronizing devices with two independent three-phase voltage systems), more current channels than CMC test-sets and in combination with CMC 156 EP set a higher voltages, currents and power output are achievable.

               CMS-156                  Zahvala ABB-ENG

TOR 300 (product of Relematika, Ltd)

TOR 300 is a microprocessor-based device (also IED) intended for relay protection, system integrity protection, control and signalling functions in 6 kV to 750 kV power networks. Specialists at Relematika, Ltd generously invested their valuable efforts into implementing the innovative UFLS concept to TOR 300 and by this enabling further R&D work on this topic.

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