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Albert Einstein
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The energetics is just in the recent years becoming an increasingly disposed science in media, although it has always played a very significant role in the functioning of the modern society. As the global population grows and develops in many aspects the questions about the sufficiency of the energy resources - crucial for the normal functioning of the modern society - arise. The electrical energetics, as a branch of the energetics, is very tightly connected to this issue, especially via the means and technologies of exploiting of the primary energy sources. Improvement of the existing technologies and the development of new technologies of electricity generating are going on at high pace throughout the world in order to increase generation from yet unexploited energy resources at a minimal threat for the environment.

The electrical energetics poses the fundaments to existence and functioning of other technical sciences and thus the entire economy. Any production or commercial facility without power grid connection is almost unimaginable. The electricity is a very convenient form of energy because of its availability and because it is easy access. That is why it takes high rating among other forms of energy.

Power grid is a vast and complicated system highly exposed to disturbances. Stable and reliable functioning of power grid and thus supply of households, public lights, production halls and commercial buildings with quality electricity should not be in any way taken for granted. Great efforts are put in managing the system to stay in sound condition since the expectations of customers are very high. And those customers represent a large portion of the entire global population.